Statue of Alexander II at Senate Square
Statue of Alexander II at Senate Square

(Image: Esa Ennelin/ Discover Helsinki)

Helsinki’s Talking Statues

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Statues and sculptures abound throughout Helsinki, and these statues tell interesting stories that are often lost on passersby. Now, Helsinki has developed an innovative way of telling you the stories behind each statue – by letting the statue do the talking!

Currently there are fifteen statues which have this feature. When you visit the statue you will find a small screen from which you can open a video by using a QR code. You can see short films and read the texts as well as look at photos of the remarkable people who inspired the statues. You can also visit the statues virtually at

Where to find them

At the Esplanade, you can find the talking statues of poets and authors Johan Ludvig Runeberg (1804-1877), Zacharias Topelius (1818-1898) and Eino Leino (1878-1926).

At the Market Square you can meet two remarkable women, Havis Amanda, the mermaid who is the symbol of Helsinki (represented as the voice of a Parisian sculpture model) and the Russian Empress Aleksandra Fjodorovna (1798-1860), who gave a large donation for the poor of Finland.

At the Senate Square you can get acquainted with Czar Alexander II, the beloved czar who governed Finland from 1855 until 1881 while it was under Russian rule (1806-1917).

Learn about the colourful and dramatic history of independent Finland by listening to eight of our former Presidents talk at their monuments close to House of Parliament, at Hesperia Esplanade and Hakasalmi Park.

Hear Finland’s first female minister Miina Sillanpää (1866-1952) tell her story at Tokoinranta Park.

Information courtesy the Urban Environment Division, City of Helsinki.


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