(Image: Jussi Hellsten/Helsinki Marketing)
(Image: Jussi Hellsten/Helsinki Marketing)

Meet Our Lovely Neighbour

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Travelling within Finland’s capital region has become simpler with the recent extension of the Helsinki metro into the neighbouring City of Espoo

Located to the west of Helsinki, Espoo is the second largest city in Finland. Plans for the metro entail an extension to the western edge of the metropolitan area, ending in Kivenlahti. 

Opened in November 2017, the metro currently stops in Matinkylä, in Southern Espoo, exiting conveniently into the Iso Omena Shopping Centre which is one of the larger shopping centres in Finland. 

Inside the Iso Omena Shopping Centre
Iso Omena Shopping Mall

Tranquil, spacious and modern

Tranquil, spacious and modern, the recently renovated shopping centre now spans over 50,000 square metres and is spread across three floors, providing a wide range of retail, food and entertainment services which merge traditional shopping with the creation of a social space, a warm and welcome respite during rainy summer days and cold winter months or just a cool spot to chill-out with friends. 

Free Wi-Fi is available and throughout the mall seating areas are available, where one can stop to rest and charge your phone if needed. 

There are over 180 shops to satisfy the need for retail therapy.

From internationally-known fashion retailers to some of Finland’s best design brands, such as MarimekkoIittala and Aarikka, there is a range of stores and services to meet most shoppers’ expectations.

Numerous restaurants, cafes and pubs provide an array of food options to fit any taste or preference.

Step outside and enjoy the outdoors

After a stop in Iso Omena, one may feel ready to step outside and enjoy the outdoors. 

The beauty of Espoo lies in its blend of urban modernity with pristine nature and despite being one of the most populous areas of Finland, it retains a wonderful sense of nature, with expanses of wilderness that can be explored at leisure.

Matinkylä, like all of Espoo, is well connected with many walking and cycling paths.  City bikes are available (from May* until October) throughout both Espoo and Helsinki, with bikes being returnable at any station in either city.  

In close proximity to the metro station, approximately 2 km, is the Matinkylä beach.  The beach is an idyllic stop for rest and relaxation, either on the beach itself or at the nearby Café Merenneito, from which kayaks can be rented for an outing on the water.

Within a short walking distance is Nokkala, from where there are summer sailings taking one around the many islands scattered around the coastline. In the winter it is be possible to walk, skate or ski across the frozen ice and visit these beautiful islands. 


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