New restrictions have come into effect in Finland due to the Coronavirus
New restrictions have come into effect in Finland due to the Coronavirus

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Travel Advisory for Finland

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The following travel advisory is based on information issued by the Finnish government in respect of the coronavirus situation in Finland.

UPDATE 28.3: Travellers arriving in Finland are not allowed to use public transportation when exiting the airport. Transportation will be provided for those passengers who are unable to secure private transportation. If you are arriving at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, you can go to the information desk in Arrivals Hall 2B for assistance.

Trains are not servicing the Helsinki Airport at this time.

Arriving passengers are required to fill out a form indicating their destination, how they intend to get there and whether they are displaying any symptoms of ill-health.

If you have symptoms that are consistent with Covid-19 you will guided to the airport’s health checkpoint for assessment.

If you do not have a permanent residence in Finland, you will be placed in emergency housing for a 2-week period. Travellers will be required to cover the cost of their accommodation.

UPDATE 27.3: Effective from 28.3, the borders to Uusimaa (which contains the Helsinki metropolitan area) are closed. Travel at leisure is forbidden. Movement in and out of the region is limited to necessary movement which is determined on a case-by-case basis. More information about the Uusimaa border restrictions can be found here.

To combat the spread of the coronavirus in Finland, the Finnish Government implemented a state of emergency effective from March 18.

Here are the main takeaways that you should note if you are in currently in Finland or if you had been planning to travel here in the near future.

Border Restrictions

It is expected that the borders will be closed to passenger traffic shortly. Citizens and legal residents who are abroad will be allowed to return and are encouraged to do so as soon as possible.

If you have existing travel plans to Finland, please contact your airline or travel operator for information about cancellations or rescheduling.

If you need to be at the Helsinki Airport, find more information from Finavia (the Finnish Airports operator) here.

Avoid Travelling Abroad

Citizens and residents are advised not to leave the country at this time. Citizens and residents who are returning from abroad will be required to a self-isolate for a period of 2 weeks following their arrival, regardless of whether they are exhibiting symptoms or not.

Restrictions on Gatherings

Gatherings of more than 10 persons are prohibited. However, this does not prevent you from going out to undertake essential business. It is permitted to go out in public to do your errands, but it is advised that you do not hang about unnecessarily. Avoid any unnecessary meetings.

Closure of Schools & Public Places

Schools throughout the country will be closed from March 18 until April 13. Parents will be receiving instructions directly from the schools regarding children’s continued education while at home.

City-administered cultural and leisure activities, including museums, theatres, libraries (including mobile libraries), the national opera, hobby facilities, swimming pools and youth clubs, will also be closed from March 18. Third sector and religious organisations have also been advised to close.

As of 28.3 restaurant dining is prohibited. Take-away orders are still permitted.

Advice for At-Risk Groups

Persons over the age of 70 are required to self-isolate. If you belong to an at-risk group, which includes elderly people and those with underlying health conditions, it is strongly advised to practice social distancing.

Suspect that You Have the Coronavirus?

If you suspect that you have the coronavirus, stay at home. As long as you are not at risk for serious illness and only have mild symptoms, avoid calling the helpline, so that those who require urgent assistance can receive help as quickly as possible.

Testing is currently only being carried out for those within the designated risk groups. If you experience worsening symptoms for which home care is no longer sufficient, then you should contact the Coronavirus helpline or the Medical Helpline (See below). For emergency assistance, dial 112.

Coronavirus helpline for residents of Helsinki –
09 310 10024.  (Weekdays 7-20)

Medical Helpline: 116, 117 (outside of Helpline hours)

National telephone service for advice on the coronavirus – 0295 535 535.

Read more about emergency information in Helsinki here.

Last but not least…

Let’s all do our part to get through this! Remember to wash your hands and keep a safe social distance. Stay healthy and stay positive!


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