Currency in Finland - Euro banknotes
Currency in Finland - Euro banknotes

Currency in Finland

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The official currency in Finland is the euro (€).

Banknotes and Coins

Banknotes are issued in the following denominations: 5€, 10€, 20€, 50€, 100€ and 200€. Issuance of 500€ notes was discontinued in January 2019 but they remain legal tender in the euro area.

The coins are issued as 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents, and 1€ and 2€.

Currency Exchange

You can exchange your currency into euros at any bank or bureau de change.


The use of cheques is not common in Finland. While traveller’s cheques can be used in Finland, be aware that they are often not accepted in stores. Cashing these checks at the bank usually comes with a high service charge.


Conveniently, credit cards are useful in Finland. The most commonly used cards, such as Visa and Mastercard, are accepted practically everywhere.

Tip: Remember to have your photo ID with you when using your credit card or going to the bank!

As always, it is good to check with your bank service provider at home before you leave, to find out about any charges that may be attached to use of your card while abroad.

Additionally, you can also exchange your currency by making a withdrawal through your credit card at an automated telling machine (ATM).

Tip: When using an ATM to convert currency, always choose to be charged in euros and not in your home currency. The rate set by the ATM is generally more favourable than the bank’s rates!

ATMs in Finland

ATMs can be found easily throughout Helsinki. The largest ATM network in Finland is called OTTO. Another ATM network called Nosto has recently increased the number of machines in the city area and elsewhere.

Find locations here for OTTO and Nosto.

Note that ATMs in Finland have two separate card slots, one for cards with a magnetic stripe and the other for chip cards.

These ATMs are generally easy to recognise because of their bright orange or yellow colours. English is available as one of the language options, along with Finnish and Swedish.


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