Wife-carrying and mobile-throwing

Wife-carrying competion

Picture: Visit Finland


Finland is home to some of the most eccentric festivals in the world. What’s more, a number of them have world championships status.

Take, for example, the Wife Carrying World Championship taking place now for the 21st time in Sonkajärvi in July.

Today it is a two-day event with a team competition besides the main wife carrying championship.

The rules are simple: the fastest man carrying his wife on his back is the winner, plus there are special prizes for the most entertaining couple, the best costume and the strongest carrier. 

Believe or not, Finland has great aspirations in football. In swamp football and snow football.

The origins of swamp football are a bit obscure, but if the Finns are asked, it is a Finnish invention.

At least the first Championship were played in Finland. It’s the same story with snow football – from a humble tournament into European Championship into World Championship.

The both sports have their home in Kainuu in northern Finland. 

If you are interested in winter sports, maybe you’d like to visit the Yukigassen Snowball Fighting Competition?

It is no horseplay but a serious sport with rules and referees.

You have still time to prepare for the next Summer European Championship taking place in Kemijärvi, northern Finland, in July.

One can be wrong, but sometimes it seems like the farther up north you go, the crazier the events?


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