Beer and more beer

Finland used to have – basically – one beer.

All the breweries used to make the same type of lager with almost no alternatives.

Now, luckily, the trend has changed and Finns have a growing interest in beer. There are several new beer-serving bars with a large selection of craft beers. 

Bier Bier (Erottajankatu 13) aims to make beer-tasting easy.

The cosy and dark bar places emphasis on European craft beers. There is also a selection of Finnish beers.

Bryggeri Helsinki (Sofiankatu 2) is located conveniently next to the Helsinki Cathedral where the tourist buses stop, so you can refresh yourself after a good day’s sightseeing.

The brewery restaurant serves also pub food and a la carte dishes. You can watch the brewmaster at work while enjoying your beer.

Brewdog (Tarkk’ampujankatu 20) was born when the Scottish Brewdog brewery asked their blog followers where should they open their next bar.

The answer was Helsinki and this bar with an industrial vibe to it. They have 20 taps and feature some of the best Finnish beers alongside their own.

Tommy Knocker Craft Beer Bar (Iso Roobertinkatu 13) is a stylish small bar named after an American microbrewery.

It is the first branded American craft beer bar in Finland.

They have an impressive selection of 60+ American craft beers and some of the best American-style Finnish beers. 

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