Summertime delights 

All the same, there are things going on in Helsinki even during the summer months.

The Helsinki Festival (August 19th–Sebtember 4th, 2016) was put into the late August/early September slot precisely because the seaside town is then enjoying the warm, dusky evenings of late summer, a time of crayfish parties and yacht regattas.

The two-week Helsinki Festival, with its concerts, dance- and theatre productions, and art shows, is dotted around the entire city.

One immensely popular tradition at the Festival is “Art Goes Kapakka” (kapakka = pub, local), in which artists strut their stuff in downtown restaurants and watering-holes.

Having brightened Helsinki’s August nights since 1995, the festival continues to delight with multi-sensory art. This year, Art Goes Kapakka takes place on August 18th–27th.

The youngest and most visible happening is URB, an independent urban youth gathering.

This particular event, with a strong leaning towards street arts and dance, is held a few weeks before the festival proper (August 3rd–12th, 2016). 

It also invites in schoolkids during their summer vacation for breakdance courses and graffiti workshops.

During the summer the theatres and symphony orchestras that have been active throughout the winter and spring seasons are also officially on vacation, but every year the fortress island of Suomenlinna serves tourists and the Helsinki locals with theatre productions, concerts, exhibitions, and restaurant soirées. 

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