The Baltic Sea – a Unique Ecosystem

The Baltic sea ecosystem

Picture: Visit Finland

The Baltic Sea – a Unique Ecosystem

Today, the sea plays still an important part in the lives of the Helsinki residents.

For example, there is an annual Baltic herring festival every October.

The week-long event, held in and around the Market Square, continues to be a great favourite. 

Some of the fish on sale there will have had their origins in fish hatcheries, which place a burden on the fragile ecology of the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic is home to a unique ecosystem, but the currents in this shallow sea are weak, and the water circulates badly.

The WWF has drawn up a Baltic Sea improvement programme for the nine countries with a shoreline on the Baltic.

In order that the nutrient levels in the Baltic can be kept in check or even reduced, the WWF has demanded reductions in agricultural emissions and cuts in discharges from household wastewater, traffic, and industry. 

Finland is fighting the eutrophication battle and seeking to improve the condition of sea areas through internatisonal action.

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