Joys of spring

Finnish Easter pudding

Picture: Soili Jussila / Visit Finland

The arrival of Eastertide is a sign that the long winter is coming to its end.

Mämmi, a malt-based pudding served with cream and sugar, is probably the most well-known.

You either love it or hate it as it tends to be an acquired taste. 

Roast lamb is another traditional Easter dish, as are eggs and chicken.

The Orthodox tradition brings sweet dishes such as pasha, kulitsa and baba, and children wait eagerly for Fazer’s Mignon chocolate eggs: a real eggshell filled with the finest chocolate.

According to most Finns, May Day heralds the real arrival of spring.

It is not just a public holiday it is the carnival day of the year throughout the country.

With it comes Finnish doughnuts and tippaleipä, a pastry of sweet batter fried in hot oil.

Sima, a type of mead is traditionally drunk on this day, and sparkling wines consumed enthusiastically. 

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