Casseroles and stews

Karelian stew

Picture: Elina Sirparanta / Visit Finland

The main course on the Finnish buffet-table is usually roasted meat.

There are also different kinds of meat pots, such as karjalanpaisti, or Karelian stew, which is prepared using different kinds of meats, and simmered for a long time in the oven.

The stew or hot pot is a Finnish classic and came second when the national food of Finland was recently chosen in a public call of votes.

Casseroles of liver, macaroni, carrots or swedes are usually served as a side dish to the main meat platter.

Other side dishes include pickled beetroot and cucumber, or lingonberry jam. 

Dishes from the Arctic are probably some of the most distinctive recipes to be enjoyed in Finland.

After a hard day skiing on the fells of Lapland poronkäristys, or sautéed reindeer, takes some beating.

It is a simple but very tasty dish served piping hot on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes, and enjoyed with a glass of chilled Lapin Kulta beer.

This traditional dish is quite often seen on the menus of Helsinki’s many Finnish and Lapp restaurants.

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