A variety of fish dishes 

A variety of Finnish fish delicacies


A survey of a Finnish buffet table will give a fair impression of the variety and range of Finnish cuisine.

Although quite similar to the Swedish smörgåsbord, the Finnish buffet has its own traditions, an important part of which is salted fish, including lightly salted whitefish and salmon, along with herring and Baltic herring in different kinds of sauces.

The roe of whitefish and burbot is Finnish caviar at its best.

Finns eat fish with boiled potatoes.

A popular way of preparing fish is to smoke it.

Salmon, whitefish and Baltic herring are both hot-smoked and cold-smoked, but it is popular to cook fish over an open fire too.

A smoke bag, which is a Finnish idea, has come onto the market, making the smoking of fresh fish much easier.

When eating salted or smoked herring people often have a small drink of Koskenkorva or Finlandia vodka – to toast your companions in Finnish you say kippis, the more Scandinavian way is to say skål. 

After the fish course, it is time to savour smoked reindeer or ham, meat in aspic, a beetroot salad called rosolli, and home-made cheese.

A nice way to enjoy the Finnish buffet is on a sightseeing dinner cruise.

You will find several companies offering a number of routes in the Market Square.

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