Koti Sleepover

Koti Sleepover



Sep 7, Thu 13:00-18:00


Sofiankatu 4

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Free Admission

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KOTI (Finnish for home) is an art and design installation conceived by Linda Bergroth and commissioned and produced by the Finnish institute in Paris. After 100 days of success in Paris, KOTI moves to the centre of Helsinki to be experienced at Tori Quarters.

At KOTI guests are welcome to spend the night in one of six spruce timber aittas, a cottage-like dwelling inspired by simple Finnish guest accommodation.

During the day, public visitors are also welcome to visit the installation. A handpicked selection of Finnish designs in natural materials complement the pared-down simplicity of the aittas.

Each ceramic, wood and linen object has been carefully chosen for its homeliness, warmth and comfort. KOTI will also play host to a series of inspiring events throughout the month.

During the spring KOTI was mentioned regularly in the international media and praised by e.g. The Wallpaper, The Telegraph, Vogue US, Architectural Digest and Dezeen.

KOTI is part of the Mobile Home 2017, a joint venture of four Finnish cultural institutes, exploring the notion of home during the centenary of Finland’s independence.

KOTI is opened for public viewing everyday from 1 – 6 pm

Bookings for sleepovers open on the 3rd of July 2017 on www.kotisleepover.com



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