Exhibition - The City Shaped by People - Urban planning - Service design - September 7 - 17


Picture: Discover Helsinki


Sep 7, Thu 09:00-19:00

Sep 17, Sun 09:00-19:00

Where: Helsingin kaupungintalo Pohjoisesplanadi 11-13, 00170 Helsinki

Event type: Free Admission

Accessibility for all: Yes

Helsinki + Digitalisation + Design = The city shaped by people. Experiment with the digital services of Helsinki in an exhibition on 7.-17.9.2017 or come to a hands-on workshop to develop a new, digital Helsinki.

The City of Helsinki digitalizes its services for a reason, to better meet the needs of the users as well as to save time and effort. The ultimate goal is to make everyday life better. Open is the key world.

Helsinki has already opened the data it produces and its decision making. Now it is focusing on opening its processes and service development.

The city acts both as a facilitator as well as an active service developer and producer.

The focus is on trying out new methods. Being able to make improvements requires the willingness to make changes in service provision, collaborating between different stakeholders and opening up to new technologies.

User focus means that the services work like the users want them to work. Citizens and businesses are invited to come along and develop the services with the city.

Testing out improvements in real life brings insights into what makes the everyday easier. At the centre of developing the services is the customer journey model that helps the developers to identify the needs, emotions and processes.

The open services developed by the city, the service development principles and the visions for the future are outlined on the digi.hel website.

Helsinki + Digitalisation + Design = The City for The People exhibition in the City Hall 7.-17.9.2017 highlights the city services and their makers. Tuesday 12.9. at 9 am-4 pm you can participate in the development of a new digital Helsinki.

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