The Finnish Way

Picture: Visit Helsinki

Congratulations! You have chosen to visit Finland, the safest and most eco-friendly country in the world.

Finland is a nation that loves silence but has some quirky festivals and curious habits.

Our nature is pure, we have thousands of lakes and wonderfully delicious wild berries. The books are also always happy to tell you about the nation’s high-tech achievements with Nokia, Linux and the likes.

Then we have the superb education system – ranked the best in the world – and excellent free health care.

Finland is the world’s least corrupt country, the country with the freest press and comes first in the international prosperity index.

What’s more, the nation is celebrating the 100th anniversary of independence in 2017.

To make the nation even prouder, Finland has been named the world’s safest country for holidaymakers to visit.

Yes, it is a good country to live in and to visit. But where is all the fun, you might ask, where’s the adventure?

All the things listed above are quite solemn, and may make one feel that Finland is a bit, well, bland or boring. Fortunately enough there is more to our country.

Actually, Finland has been ranked by major international media as one of the best destinations to visit in 2017.


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