Linnanmäki Amusement Park

Linnanmäki amusement park offers visitors to Helsinki a family-oriented fun-filled day out.  Located in the Alppila quarter of Helsinki, the park was built in 1950 and is popular with locals and tourists alike.   

Parking space is limited at the park, so it is recommended to use public transportation to get there.

Both trams and buses stop nearby and by train one may exit at the Pasila Railway Station which is around 1.4 kilometres away.

Bicycles can be left outside of the park at the stands located at the main entrance or southern gate.


The entire park area is wheelchair accessible and staff will assist patrons with limited mobility to access and enjoy the rides.

Vuoristorata, the most popular ride

Enter with no coverage charge to enter, rides which can be enjoyed free-of-charge

With no cover charge to enter the park, visitors can soak up the lively atmosphere and picturesque surroundings.

There are nine rides which can be enjoyed free-of-charge, including the Panoraama, a 53-metre tall tower which provides a spectacular view of the city.

There are multiple ticket options to choose from.  

From single-ride tickets to ticket bundles (which include 6 rides) to wristbands which provide access to all rides, it is not difficult to find the right option for your needs and budget.

Wristbands are renewable for the following day and you can also add admission to the adjacent Sea Life oceanic park to the wristband at a discounted price.

A wide variety of restaurants and concession stands provide food and refreshment.

There will be no disappointment if you are expecting traditional fun-fair foods like hot dogs and popcorn, and for cotton candy lovers, why not try the cotton candy school, where you can make your own!

From fun fair roller coasters and bumper cars to more modern offerings

The rides range from the traditional fun fair roller coasters and bumper cars to more modern offerings, such as the 3D Kammokuja for a bit of scary fun, or Linnunrata (‘Milky Way’), a virtual reality roller coaster experience built within a water tower.  

The most popular ride at Linnanmäki is the classic wooden rollercoaster, Vuoristorata.  Opened in 1951 with visitors to the 1952 Olympics in mind, it became a permanent fixture at the park.

Thrill seekers will enjoy Ukko – a wild ride in which riders are spun upside down and which reaches a speed of 105 km/h – definitely not for the faint of heart!

And let’s not forget the most iconic of amusement park attractions, the Ferris wheel.  


The Rinkeli Ferris Wheel, which lifts its riders to a height of 34 metres and offers a delightful view of the park below and the Helsinki vista.

At Linnanmäki the most outstanding Ferris wheel is Rinkeli, which lifts its riders to a height of 34 metres and pauses for effect – seated at that height, you get a delightful view of the park below and the Helsinki vista.

There are over 40 rides at Linnanmäki, with new attractions being added (the most exciting being Taiga, a new roller coaster coming in 2019 which will be the longest ride in Finland) and varying games and events to keep the entertainment fresh.



Fans of a good scare will look forward to iik! week, which opens 05.09.2018.

In October, as the evenings grow darker, the park will hold a Carnival of Lights, an annual display of dazzling lights throughout the park.

It is worth noting that the park is owned by the Children’s Day Foundation, and funds from ticket sales are used to support the development of work towards the welfare of children.

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