Self-portrait series “100 years of my family history” by Lumi Tuomi - 2 more weeks to visit Generation 2017 -exhibition

!st picture from the series “100 years of my family history” by Lumi Tuomi

From the self-portrait series “100 years of my family history” by Lumi Tuomi, dressed in Folk costume of Karelia from the 1900's 


19 year old Finnish girl Lumi Tuomi wears the clothes from her ancestors in a series of self-portrait photographs titled “100 years of my family history”.

We spoke to Lumi who has recently moved to the Hague in the Netherlands to study at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague, and here is her story:

"I’ve been photographing for many years, but just two years ago I decided I wanted to become a photographer and started dreaming of studying it.

I always wanted to study abroad and now I can’t wait to start my studies since I moved to The Hague to start studying photography in the Royal Academy of Art The Hague this fall.

My self-portrait series “100 years of my family history” was actually a part of my application to this photography study in The Hague.

I’ve wanted to make a series of my family history for a while now since I have been fascinated in their history.

My mother’s side of my family has treasured our familys old clothes and items for generations and thanks to that I could use them for my photo series.

My grandmother’s family brought many of these items with them when they were evacuees from Karelia, so they have come a long way.

This photo series also allowed me to research my roots in Karelia and connect to my family history in such a personal way."

Tuomi's video installation “Identity” and her photo series “Me and my grandmother” can be seen in the Generation 2017 – exhibition in the Amos Anderson Art Museum in Helsinki.

The exhibition is open till 3.9.2017, so 2 more weeks to go!

Generation 2017 is an exhibition with 42 young artists.

 100 years of my family history by Lumi Tuomi

Picture: Lumi Tuomi in her grandfathers blazer from the 90's


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