Restaurant Saaga

Saaga’s Unique Fish Buffet in a Wooden Boat – Completely new and totally unique in Helsinki!

Saaga’s original Lappish wooden boat is filled with ice chips and on top of them is gathered a real fisherman’s catch. 
This plentiful appetizer selection includes a variety of fish delicacies and accompaniments. 
You can complete your menu with a table served main course of your choice.  The price of the Fish Buffet includes a delicious dessert.

A meal at the Lappish Restaurant Saaga is an enjoyable combination of tastes, tales and sensations. 
At Saaga you will find a slice of the rugged and beautiful nature as well as regional dishes and an atmosphere full of the exotic charm of the North. 
We bring the enchantment of Lapland to our guests in our service, interior decor and table settings, as well is in our food. 
The pristine environment of the North creates an excellent place for wildlife and flora to flourish, so we use pure Lappish and Finnish natural products.