Moomin Characters & Treats at the Moomin Cafe
Moomin Characters & Treats at the Moomin Cafe

(Image: Moomin Cafe)

Moomin Café

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“Welcome home, Moomin, safe and sound, and welcome, friends! Come gather around!” 

  • Moominmamma, from ‘The Book About Moomin, Mymble and Little My’ by Tove Jansson.

In 1945 Finnish writer and artist Tove Jansson gave life to the Moomin family, Finland’s most beloved storybook characters. Their adventures in Moominvalley and beyond the Lonely Mountains have enriched people’s lives for generations.

Nowadays, the Moomins are a part of Finnish identity, and the popularity and success of the Moomins show no signs of slowing down. The animated series released in the 90s is still being aired, and the brand new British-Finnish produced ‘Moominvalley’- series, featuring cutting edge animation techniques, has recently premiered worldwide.

In Helsinki, you can find Moomin shops for souvenirs with aptly decorated clothing and homeware, as well as Europe’s only Moomin-themed cafe. 

The Moomin Story

The Moomin family and their friends live in the idyllic Moominvalley, surrounded by tall misty mountains and the sea. Here, they embark on many adventures and encounter magical beings. Within the valley, a blue house stands tall. This is where the troll family warmly welcome all kinds of visitors for homemade pancakes and raspberry juice.

While many creatures of different shapes and sizes inhabit Moominvalley, the main character of the stories is Moomintroll. He is the kind-hearted child of homemaker Moominmamma and adventure-loving Moominpappa. His closest friends include the mischievous Little My, the wanderer Snufkin, the timid Sniff, and the gentle Snorkmaiden. 

Helsinki’s Moomin Cafe

The Moomin Cafe is one of the most charming coffee shops in Helsinki, the birthplace of the Moomin. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with Moomintroll and friends, conveniently located just around the corner from the iconic Helsinki Cathedral.

It is the perfect place to indulge in the playful world of the Moomin. There is a cute play corner for children and huggable Moomin plushies to have coffee with. 

Choose your favourite character to adorn your hot drink and enjoy tasty snacks from a wide range of delicacies (served on a Moomin-themed plate, of course!). Conveniently there is a Moomin shop-in-shop, where you can get souvenirs to remember your own Moomin adventure!


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