Cocktail Bars

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Finns have had a reputation of hard drinking. The nation’s favourite drinks have been beer and vodka, but there is a rapidly growing cocktail culture with a handful of bars that take cocktails seriously. 

Sling In (Mikonkatu 8) is one of the oldest cocktail bars in Helsinki, having started in 1999 when cocktail culture was still young in Finland. The casual bar offers an exhaustive list of cocktails while rock music plays. Sling In is located inside a small mall and can be a bit hard to find. 

Navy Jerry’s (Hietaniemenkatu 2) have a love of rum. This naval-themed 1950s bar is often boisterous with a packed dance floor. It is not just a bar, but a nightclub and restaurant as well. So if you feel a bit peckish after all the cocktail-tasting, have a little something from their kitchen. 

Liberty or Death (Erottajankatu 5) is a small and dark bar that serves only cocktails. The ambitious and skilled bartenders can create you the most amazing drinks. The dimly lit tiny bar has an exclusive feel to it. 

Grotesk Bar (Ludviginkatu 10), a few doors away from Liberty or Death, is all about properly made cocktails with an easy-to-approach atmosphere. They are also specialists in hand-cut clear ice and they have a thing for gin.

Trillby and Chadwick (Katariinankatu) is a bar with first-rate service and great cocktails – and a bit of mystery. It is a “secret” bar that does not reveal even its exact address, although the street it is on is very short. Decorated like an English gentleman’s club, this is a place to sit down and enjoy a top-notch drink.


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